About Us

TeamBoost is the leader in crowdfunding for sports teams. Our platform aims to level the playing field and ensure every team gets the support they need to succeed.

Behind every team, there’s a crowd of supporters, and we’ve got the stats to prove it. Hundreds of teams and clubs leveraged the power of crowdfunding on TeamBoost.us to raise funds, share their story and grow their fanbase.

Our hard working team is here for you around the clock and dedicated to making sure each team’s experience is a positive one.






What We Do

We’re revolutionizing fundraising for teams. Selling chocolate bars, car washes and bake sales are the way of the past. Various online fundraisers have failed to provide the coach and their players the tools to properly leverage the power of crowdfunding and social media.

This is where TeamBoost.us comes in. Our technology revolutionizes the way teams fundraise. By equipping each individual athlete with innovative fundraising tools, we help teams raise the funds they need quickly and efficiently.

Our platform is also about empowering people: to impact the development of great teams and great players.

We believe in value

TeamBoost.us has been dedicated to helping teams and athletes reach their potential. We believe in technology and it’s ability to revolutionize the way teams fundraise.

We are constantly expanding the scope of our services to bring you the most responsive and innovative technology, including:

  • More useful, awesome tools for e-mail promotion, team management and social media integration.
  • Stunning team and athlete pages that are permanent and FREE. They come with full-screen pictures, movies, social media tools, bio, achievements timeline, rewards management and more.
  • Unmatched 24/7 customer service in over 40 countries.
  • Advice and guidance from crowdfunding experts, including tips, problem solving, and strategy for your campaign.
  • Bigger reach: we’re the only platform that’s global and provides localized payment methods.

And in the future, we’re working to bring you travel bookings, ever greater international networking opportunities, localized roadmaps so athletes can find the best travel, accommodation, training facilities, and more.

*With TeamBoost you keep 80% of your donations. No membership fees or setup fees. That means you don’t have to invest money to raise money. We charge a small fee from the money you raise, which means we get paid only when you succeed.